A closer look at the tencent’s investment book
protect your growth stocks with a trade ~8x max payoff in 6 months.
why $FUTU is a 10x bagger after a 500% return in 2020
observe the fight, follow the FED; portfolio +25% in Jan-2021;
In our last week’s update, we sold our position in $SHOP to fund some of the other names. In this newsletter let’s dive into the details on why we like…
watch that inflation closely
First of all, I sincerely apologize for not updating for almost 3 months especially given how volatile the market has been. Lots have happened. No…
trade idea for both $TSLA haves and have-nots
We added Tencent and $FUTU, trimming $BABA and $SE
we moved our model portfolio update to deepyield.io
let inflation be your friend
but if you have to trade, got a good one for you.